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Give yourself ultimate bliss by booking one of our luxurious specialties

Ride the waves in Hawaii or take a walk down the water-soaked coasts of Greece.

Toast another starlit evening on a World Cruise.

Take a bustling water taxi in the United Arab Emirates or snorkel in the underwater utopia of Tahiti and Fiji.

With our connections to vetted travel suppliers, embark on an escape teeming with the luxury you deserve - from overwater bungalows and classy villas to private chauffeurs and personal butler services.

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World Cruises

Why explore one country at a time when you can explore the globe in one trip? Expand your world by booking a magical world cruise with us.


From the coasts of Hawaii to the water activities of Tahiti to the torch-lighting ceremony of Fiji, book with us to give yourself a luxurious vacation you’ll remember a lifetime.


Learn how Greece shaped the world we know today, take a journey through ancient lands, and witness unforgettable sights that will bring you inner bliss - all stress-free by booking with Sun Bliss Travel.

United Arab Emirates

Take a water taxi to a booming spice market, snorkel in crystal clear waters, or dine across the dunes for a scrumptious sunset dinner. We will plan it for you so you can enjoy your day hassle-free.

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At Sun Bliss Travel, we offer all this and more when you treat yourself to one of our luxurious specialties

Indulge in a stress-free vacation without any of the hassle of planning, research or booking — we use our vetted connections and extensive travel knowledge to craft all that for you so you can relax knowing we’ve got your back.

Ready for Bliss? Book with Sun Bliss Travel.

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